“Anew Sight” — Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, Official Selection – now public

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In the spring/summer of 2011, I started a documentary project with a good friend. This was my first dive into documentary filmmaking, guided by the great Paulius Kontijevas. He showed me the ropes, and together we created “ANEW SIGHT”. After initially submitting the film to festivals, we gained Official Selection at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival. The video remained private for festival purposes, and was only released into the wild about a week ago.

The film follows Portland barber, Eric Caviso, who explains the metaphysical benefits of one getting their eyebrows waxed. Specifically men. Sounds crazy, right? See for yourself.

Be sure to check out Brick’s Barber. And if you live in Portland… you should stop by for a visit. It might just change your life.


Maureen’s Lasagna — Fake commercial

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Here’s a video that I made for my advertising class. Check it. 

Christmas ukulele jam – Winter Wonderland

December 25, 2011 § 1 Comment

After receiving a ukulele last January as a birthday gift, I haven’t been able to put it down. Since both my mom and sister have beautiful voices, I decided to put together a little piece for Christmas. Here’s a cover of Winter Wonderland. Happy Holidays!

The Columbia Gorge – timelapse

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As we all know, the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) is famous for incredible shopping deals and mobs of people trying to get to them first. Instead of fighting my way through bargain-buyers, I decided to do just the opposite and spend a day to myself. The sun was shining and clouds were stylistically spaced, so I grabbed my camera and a current read and headed to the Columbia Gorge.

Once arriving at the Women’s Forum, I set up my camera and began to read with this view as my background. Enjoy.

An hour’s worth of peace can be displayed in 10 seconds.

The AEROSTAT Project by Page Stephenson

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A friend and fellow filmmaker named Page Stephenson has come out with a new video that is meant to inspire people to dream big. It’s a rather simple video of two camera angles being launching from Earth and going into space. The video was created to show that ordinary people can explore space on a small budget (RIP NASA). The music is synced perfectly and the shots are unbelievable. It’s a must watch.

Full screen it.

Time-lapse numero uno

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I can’t stop watching this video

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Fullscreen, please.

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